The Misconception of Shaking It Off

When you’re feeling down, people always tell you to look on the bright side and to simply shake the bad things off.  But in all reality, how would a person just do that?  I have to admit that I’ve always been one of those people who tries to remain optimistic.  You know, one who likes to make lemonade out of spoiled lemons and one who tries to see a rainbow full of skittles falling being every storm cloud?

Until recently, I had an experience that made me realize – that sometimes the circumstances of life really just suck!  And no matter how much of an optimist you may be or how friendly of a person that you are – there is always someone out there in the world who sees in you in a different light.  I have to say, that’s really unfortunate that people act this way, but that’s life.

Some people relate this type of behavior to a barrell filled with crabs – when one of them gets to the top, the others will tug and pull and try to bring that one back down to the bottom with them.  I have to admit, that when you are consistently being pulled and pinched and have reached your breaking point – you can’t just shake it off!  Not at that moment at least.  But maybe later.

When your emotions are at a high and you’re feeling really hurt, disappointed, sad, angry, and down in the dumps – “shake it off” is probably the last thing that you want to hear!  But I get it.  Human nature urges us to be sympathetic to each other and when you see things like this happening to a friend – you obviously want to do what you can to bring them comfort.

Obviously, the intentions behind sympathetic cliche’s are good natured, although sometimes they simply just have the worst timing, or maybe it’s just that people aren’t using them correctly.  Being lost in your feelings, moping around and being mad at the world are common coping mechanisms but they only last for a short period of time.

From my own personal experience, I learned that eventually you just have to get over it.  It’s tough in the beginning, but it can happen.  It’s okay to cry for a minute  – but once those tears dry – it’s time to replace the emotional saga with your game face!  We’ve all heard the old saying “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”  There will not be a third time.

The reality is, that once you have been hurt by someone – subconsciously you are never going to remain the same.  But you come out stronger, and a little bit wiser.  People may say that you’ve changed and may not even like it.  And when this happens, it’s important to remember that you don’t owe anyone an explaination.  As long as you are happy with yourself, that is all that matters!

A kind hearted person will always want to feel liked and accepted by others.  Just remember to keep in mind that you will be in time.  You just have to find the right crowd!

Candle Magic: A Spiritual Element



Close your eyes and make a wish. That’s often one of the first images that come to my mind, when I think about candles. You know, happy times. Like birthdays and weddings. Romance . . . . .. .

Of course candles can serve multiple different purposes. But today, I’d like to speak on the use of Candles in relation to practicing Spiritual faith.

I’ve read so many different things about candles and how different colors can be used to attract different things. For example: Pink Candles are said to attract romantic love into your life. Green Candles are said to attract money.

I can honestly say that I have tried to use candles in the past to attract things and while some of the results were not as hefty or as immediate as I was expecting – I think it all comes down to an individual persons beliefs.

At least I can say that I tried it and I can base my own conclusions off of the results. If you’re curious – I burned a green candle once, expecting to receive a windfall of money over a course of days. Although my pocketbook, did manage to obtain a few extra dollars – I’m not so sure if it was due to the magic created or if it simply coincided with my hard work at my 9-5.

However, I’m not a complete skeptic. I do believe that certain candles will work in terms of manifestation if you use them correctly. For example – Blue Candles are said to increase peace, harmony and communication. I will say that I have burned blue candles on many occasions and I do believe that there is power in them.

Also, I have been tempted to try burning pink candles to attract romance – but with this, you must be careful. There is a thin line between attracting romance in general and trying to attract a specific person. You definitely don’t want to try controlling another person’s free will. And why would you? Do you really want to make someone love you, knowing that you basically had to “cast a spell on him or her”?!

However, I have had my lonely days in which I have tried to burn pink candles for a day or so just to attract “Mr. Right.” Needless to say, nothing happened. There’s more to attracting love than just burning a candle. I’m sure you all have heard the saying many times “in order to truly find love, you must love yourself first.” But that’s a whole different topic that we can pick up on another day.

I haven’t dabbled with too many other types of candles. But I do believe that white candles are a sign of purification and that they can also help with clearing your mind and connecting with Spirit. They are also helpful during times of mourning, as I believe that they are symbolic of peace.

But, no matter how you choose among the different color options of candles there’s also the size and type to consider. I’ve seen the large religious-stained candles that are often used for Praying, and also miniature ones that are very small like tea lights. Even the size and style of the candle can play a specific role. Obviously the larger candles are intended for use over a longer period of time and the smaller ones will burn for only a few hours. Hence their size, that’s about how long they will last anyway.

Just for reference, here are some of the different colors of candles that I’ve heard about and seen, as well as their intended out bringing:

White: Protection, Peace

Purple: Wisdom, Psychic Awareness

Lavender: Peace, Higher Intuition

Deep Blue – Meditation, Power

Blue – Peace, Clear Communication

Turquoise- Awareness, Creativity

Green – Money, Luck

Pink – Affection, Love

Black – Destroy Negative Energy

Do you believe in the power of candles? If not, it’s okay. To each their own. It’s all about your individual preferences and your Faith. I just thought that this would be an interesting topic to share.  🙂


Diary of a Loner

I’m not quite sure what it is about the bond that creates friendships.  Some people can instantly connect with one another while others take a bit more time.  For me though, it seems like no matter how hard I try, it like I can never quite fit in as easily as it seems for other people. I don’t know.  Maybe I’m putting too much thought into it.  However, it’s just that – when I’m around other people we just can’t quite seem to fully connect.

I’m a friendly person, and I get along pretty well with others.  However, a majority of the time though, I feel like I’m partially adjusting myself to suit the likes of everyone else and I really end up feeling more like just a tag-a-long person than as a true member of the crew.

Part of me knows that this is in part due to the type of person that I am and my Spiritual beliefs.  Don’t get me wrong; I’m your average everyday person.  There’s nothing about me that’s extraordinarily weird.  At least, I don’t think so. . . . . .

But here’s an example:  I can tell someone how I feel about a particular subject or topic.  Let’s just say dolphins in the ocean.  I believe that dolphins are gentle creatures and are symbolic of peace and happiness.  Most of the time, when I tell someone this they laugh at me or tell me how silly I am.  The conversation usually ends with me being made fun of.

Can you imagine how the conversation usually ends when I talk about Angels and how I feel about Mythical creatures?!  I’ve been through this so many times, that now I can actually laugh about it.  But it still hurts.  Just a little.

Honestly, I feel like I’m closer to people that I have met on the Internet than I am to people that I’ve met during my everyday life.  At least my Internet buddies don’t judge me or literally laugh in my face! And if they do, I can easily just delete them and call it a day.  :p

Friendship is a term that a person does not want to use loosely.  But even now, it’s still hard for me to not use the word so frequently.  And part of it could be because I live in this world with such an open mind and a big heart.

Yeah, wearing your heart on your sleeve sounds adorable, but it is so NOT a good thing!

It seems like people are forever taking advantage of my kindness and as a result I’m always left getting my feelings hurt and feeling dumb.

Sometimes I feel like the little kid on the playground who runs up to other kids and gives them hugs, only to get shoved away and pushed to the ground because my hug was so random and the other kids just weren’t ready for all of that.  (Not to say that I randomly give out hugs to people, it’s just a metaphor!)

Of all the people that I’ve met in my 34 years on this earth, there are only a few who I would truly call my friends.  So few, that I can count them all on one hand alone.

But you know, we are all on this Earth to fulfill our life’s purposes.  And I know that mine is to help others but to also learn how to help them without hurting myself in the process.  That truly is a mission in it’s own, right?  🙂

So far from this experience my pride has been wounded and I’ve shed many tears.  But I’ve learned so much during this journey and I still have a ways to go.  I know that this sounds a bit corny but this old saying says it best:  “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

Life’s lessons always contribute to experiences that we can look back on and say – “I made it through, and I never gave up.”  Getting through obstacles from our past will only make us better leaders in the future!

I had to learn this the hard way.  But that’s the way that it is for many of us! Noone ever said that life was going to be easy!   🙂

Deja Vu and Reincarnation: Are you a believer?

Have you ever laid eyes on an object and instantly became intrigued with it, just from that first encounter?  Perhaps you’ve even had an odd feeling after hearing the name or the mere mention of a certain place.  What I am referring to, are simple little things that draw out a feeling of familiarity from within you.

 This may sound a little bit strange.  But I believe that these triggers may be related in part to reincarnation.  I like to refer to these types of situations as being past life symbols.

For example, I don’t know what it is about Skeleton Keys.  But I absolutely love them. No matter how big or small they may be I find them to be positively fascinating.  I feel as though they are a source of power.  Maybe I used one in a past life!

 I also have a fascination with Vintage Advertisement Posters.  I am convinced, that I had to have lived briefly during the 1950s time period.  I don’t know what I was doing there.  But whatever the case I honestly believe in my heart that I was there.

 In today’s society Reincarnation itself is a touchy subject.  Some people believe in it, while others don’t.  I am definitely a believer although some will try to explain our past life memories or triggers, as simply being a matter of science or possibly even our imaginations creatively at work!

 To gain more insight into past lives, you could visit someone who is certified in providing Past Life Regression services.  This type of service may be a bit costly, but could be worth it in the long run if you really want to discover who you were in a previous era.  (If you’re a believer of course!)

I do believe that this type of service could prove to be helpful, although I have not yet invested the time and money in having one completed for myself.  From what I have researched though, I know that it is a form of Hypnosis in which your mind travels back in time to remember things.

There are also some Metaphysicians who perform this type of service on-line.  This method, however does not involve any type of Hypnosis on their part.  The person completing the reading channels your energy and does the reading from there.

 I will admit, that I have tried this version before as a quick way to get answers.  However, I am not convinced that the reading was really accurate because I felt no connection to the information that the readers provided.  

 In the future, I do plan to have a reading performed by a Certified person who conducts Past Life Regression sessions.  Once completed, my goal is to compare this information with the messages that I received from the On-line Metaphysicians.  I think that the results will be very interesting. 

 I always try not to brush anything off, without completely know the facts.  And in this case, comparing information is the only way that I can think of, to clearly know whether or not the information is correct.

 If any of you decide to have a Past Life Regression reading done, I would be interested in hearing about your experience and what you thought about the session.

Testimonials/reviews are always a helpful method towards gathering data.

How I found my Spiritual Path

Two years ago I went through a separation with my husband of seven years, which later ended in divorce.  During that time period, my feelings were portrayed as those of a flower.  Beautiful and strong on the outside, but delicate and fragile on the inside, only to wilt away as time progressed.

I thought that with this divorce, I would easily move on to finding the man of my dreams, and running off once again into the sunset.  However, reality started to settle in – and I realized that sometimes you have to mentally hold on for dear life, tightly clenching yourself, as you face your fears head on.

It’s not the best feeling in the world.  During this journey I went through a storm of emotions:  happiness, sadness, loneliness, anger, depression, etc.  Often times I would find comfort in chatting with on-line Psychics.  Unfortunately this only provided temporary happiness along with extreme credit card debt and a slight addiction to receiving “good news.”

At one point, I actually believed that the Psychics were my friends.  But once reality settled in, I learned it was quite the opposite.  It was really a struggle for me to overcome this small obsession.  However with the negative results that it had provided for my wallet, I was able to at least take one positive note away from that experience.

One of the Psychics had suggested that I learn about Angels.  I remember it clearly because I felt that she had a lot of negative things to say to me and her tone was awful.  It was so rude!  I was just about to log off and cut our conversation short, when she mentioned them and got my attention.  That was the key message that truly changed my life for the better.  Although I would never go back to talking to that particular Psychic, I am grateful for that small portion of the message that came through.

Once I was told to learn about Angels, I read a couple of books.  One of the first books that I read was Angels 101 by Doreen Virtue.  Doreen’s writings were so easy to comprehend that I immediately became a fan of hers as well as a believer and a follower.  I ended up purchasing her Angel Therapy Oracle card deck and later I started to add to my collection.  This officially became the start of my Spiritual journey.

However, even with the comfort of knowing that my Angels were around me I still had my moments of loneliness. I think that in the beginning I was under the impression that everything would just go my way, because the angels were there to help me.  As I continued to struggle with everyday life, I eventually became overwhelmed with disappointments and hit rock bottom.  But I didn’t give up . . .

I continued to read books about Spirituality and Twin Flames.  I learned how to meditate and I eventually invested in learning the Tarot.  Over time, I kept interest in these practices and the more I studied and practiced on my own, the more in-tune I became with my Spiritual self, my guides and the environment.

The path to finding your Spiritual self is not an easy one.  It takes a great amount of time, and a whole lot of faith.  As I look in the mirror today, I see myself as a strong Spiritual warrior.  I still have a ways to go and the road ahead is pretty lengthy.  But as I think about how far I have come, it brings tears to my eyes and makes me smile.

I wish you all the best of luck as you travel the paths to finding your own Spiritual selves.  Hopefully my story will bring you comfort in knowing that other people really can relate.  ❤

Daily Horoscopes: The Real Truth is Hidden

As a believer in the stars and individual destinies, I have always been drawn to Astrology.  I’ve never taken the time out to fully learn it though.  It’s just a bit too complex for me.  But like all things in life – I take a little bit of information from different sources and try to learn as much as I can, without overwhelming myself.

In terms of the stars and their alignments, I have always been interested in Horoscopes.  But over the years I have learned, that even they have their own web of technical problems.Like most people, I’ve turned to daily Horoscopes for insight and a little bit of inspiration.  I have found, that sometimes the messages can be very accurate and other times not so much.  Also, depending on who writes the Horoscopes, the messages can come across as being positive and uplifting, or quite the opposite.  This has led me to wonder, how daily Horoscopes are written.  Where do the writers gather their information?  And why should we believe them?

Everyone is different.  And I am sure that every Horoscope author has their own method to delivering their predictions.  However, with every “bad” Horoscope experience that I have had, my instincts have taught me to look elsewhere for the guidance that I am seeking.  Not to say that all Horoscopes are incorrect.  But the key to relying on them is to find the messengers who truly relay messages from their heart.  Not, just for entertainment purposes.

There are so many different types of Horoscopes and Astrology Signs in the world today.  The most common signs here in the U.S. are the Zodiac Sun Signs.  I believe that the details provided in Sun Sign Horoscopes are just a bit too broad to pertain to one person specifically.

While I do still read Sun Sign Horoscopes from time to time, I prefer to read Horoscopes that pertain to my Moon Sign instead.  I have found that Moon Sign Horoscopes have a bit more accuracy.  Based on the date and time of your birth in accordance with the location of the Moon at that exact moment; your Moon sign messages will provide you with deeper insight about your true self.

I am surprised, that Moon Sign Horoscopes are not more common.  The Universe carries so many secrets and underlying prophecies hidden behind the beauty and the mystery of the Moon itself.   The only way for us to truly grow and to understand as a society, is to trust our instincts and to open ourselves to receiving messages from the luminous light that already shines within us.

Twin Flames: The Burning Love from Within

 Every hopeless romantic dreams about meeting “The One.”  But “The One” is not particularly your Soul mate.  What a lot of people fail to realize is that a person can have many Soul mates.

By definition, a Soul mate is a person that you travel through different lifetimes with, in order to fulfill your soul’s life purpose.  Before we enter each lifetime, we form soul groups on the other side; in which we chart our life paths and determine which lessons we would like to learn and what goals we would like to achieve.

Soul mates have a deep connection on a spiritual level. So it’s no surprise when you bump into each other in the present, that you get an instant feeling of familiarity. 

Soul mates are often confused with Twin Flames.  Although a person can have multiple Soul mates, they can only have one Twin Flame. 

A Twin Flame can basically be described as your Twin Soul. This person is literally the other half of you.  They are the Ying to your Yang, the fuel to your fire, the current to your ocean.  Twin Flames are a mirror reflection of one another and balance each other out.  Twin Flames unfortunately are not always destined to be romantic partners.  This is can be due to many different reasons.

One reason could be that your Twin Flame is someone who is still on the other side.  Another could be that your Twin Flame is already romantically involved with someone else.  It is important to remember that even though we have this additional element involved in the creation of our individual souls, we all have our own lives to live and our own important agendas to work through.

The connection amongst Twin Flames can be described as dynamic, passionate and intense.  Should a Twin Flame couple be destined to be together in a romantic way, their paths will allow them to come together only when the time is right.  The right time is only when both individuals are on the same path Spiritually. 

One key factor in determining whether or not the time is right is to ask yourself, do you “need” someone in your life or do you simply have a strong desire to have him or her there?  This is important because you must be fully content with your own life as it is and your heart must be filled with self-love, confidence and independence before your Twin Flame is drawn in to become a permanent asset in your physical life.

As beings, we must also be aware that there is nothing that we can do to control how quickly the two paths are brought together, other than working on ourselves.  Timing is of the essence and the Divine will always let us know when the time is right.  Some people may endure an entire lifetime without ever knowing who their Twin Flame is.  But in time, they will eventually be reunited, even if it is on the other side.

If you are single and looking to lure your Twin Flame into your life, meditation will help.  But again, Divine timing is of the essence.  We all have the same burning flame inside of us:  wanting to be loved unconditionally and forever.  Just remember that you are never truly alone and that your Twin Flame’s love is not only eternal but also spiritually rooted and embedded in your heart.